Monday, July 25, 2016

Progress Report : Coffee Bar

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to share some progress that I made in my house now that all of my room tours are over.

Back when I shared my eat-in kitchen plans, one of the projects I was most excited about was making a coffee bar.  I love drinking coffee, and since the kitchen area isn't very big I wanted a dedicated spot for my coffee mugs and coffee maker.  This is what I ended up with:

I decided to put the coffee bar in the eat-in area of the kitchen, in the corner near the living room.  It was the perfect space to fit an Ikea kitchen cart that I already owned, so I was happy to up-cycle some furniture instead of having to buy or build a new one!

This is what the cart looks like when you buy it from Ikea.  Great blank canvas!

The cart is actually a hand-me-down from my college roommate, and it comes in Ikea's standard unfinished birch wood.  At my first apartment, I painted the entire unit white with a greyscale pop-art mural on the top, and used it as a storage cart in my closet.  At my second apartment, the painting was still lasting really well, and I used it in the kitchen as a microwave stand and storage.

The original "coffee bar" that I set up when we moved!  Did the job, but not share-worthy

The first thing that I did to give the cart a new life was sand off the mural and cover it in marble contact paper.  The paper went down surprisingly smoothly, and I was able to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles with no issues.  I also sanded the sides so it had a nice, smooth edge.

"Marble" top!  It actually fools most people that come and see it in person!

Next, I added some shelves above the cart.  I got lucky and found wall-mounted shelves at Lowe's that were the exact width of the cart, and was able to easily hang them overhead.  I love how simple the shelves are, without any brackets or decorations, so the attention is really on the "marble" top! I use these to hold my mug collection, coffee, and some straws.

coffee bar with open shelving

I decided to splurge on a Nespresso machine to finish off the bar (you can't really have a coffee bar without the coffee, right?).  I picked the up Evoluo during a sale at Sur La Table, and I'm SO in love with it.  It makes incredible coffee, and I love the sleek, modern design.  The bundle I got also came with the Aeroccino, which heats and froths milk.  Other accessories that I picked up are mugs, espresso set, and capsule column

DIY coffee cart

I love how small but functional the coffee bar is.  It doesn't take up much space, but thanks to the storage in the cart and the shelves that I added, I don't need any more space!  Every time I see this corner of the kitchen, which is the first space that feels "finished", it makes me smile.  With the bright colors of the flowers, the mugs that are from places that I travel, and CAFFEINE- what's not to love?

Ikea BEKVÄM Kitchen cart coffee bar hack

And since everyone loves a before and after picture, let's see how far we'e come:

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Coffee or tea?
What are some of your favorite Ikea Hacks?
What was the first "room" you completed in your house?
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  1. The marble contact paper looks amazing! Really makes the Ikea cart look less Ikea-like.

  2. Love this! No where for a coffee bar in my current apartment. But, it high on my list of upgrades when I move. Mugs are the only thing I collect, but I love them all, & its such a shame that they just hang out in the cabinet right now.

    I'm definitely team coffee. I usually only drink tea when I'm sick, so it's not my favorite the rest of the year.

  3. It looks fantastic, Gretchen. The marble top is just the right thing for your kitchen and fits in with the overall look you want. I love how all the coffee things are in one place for you now. And your table looks cute up against the wall like that. You are really making this house your home. Great job! I love these little updates.

  4. this is so fancy! love the marble contact paper, such a nice touch. i don't drink coffee, but KC does, and I would love to do something like this.. but, i tried to move his coffee to the other side of the kitchen - we have a small counter next to the fridge that is basically useless in terms of food prep and whatnot, and he moved it back because it 'had to be next to the sink' lol.

  5. Gorgeous!! I love that the shelves were already the right size. Never thought to look for those types of shelves at Lowes, but I've been wanting some so I'll definitely stop there!