Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Home Plans : Spare Bedroom / Office

This is probably the room that I'm most excited about!  I've never had a spare room in any of my places before (I've always had one bedroom apartments), so the opportunity to make this my own is really exciting to me.

This house has two bedrooms that look the exact same (the "master" is a tiny bit bigger).  I'm not going to be sharing a separate post on the bedroom, because I'm not changing much about that room.  The "before" pictures all look the same, so I'll just share the room once it's done!

Right now, the room is kind of boring.  It's small and has yellow walls and a closet.  This is currently where we're storing a lot of things until we get it all organized, so it's definitely the room that needs the most work!  Here are some "before" pictures, the projects that I want to do, and some inspiration for what I want the room to look like.



-Paint.  I'm not a fan of the yellow color, so that will be one of my first jobs!  I'm thinking about having a neutral color with one statement wall.  This is where I really want to get creative!

-Add storage.  Right now, I have a few mis-matched bookcases and other shelves that look really cheap.  I want to have a good storage system that integrates with a desk so that I can finally have a work station at home!

-Find a good sofa bed.  Since this will also be our guest room, we need to have some kind of a bed.  I'm hoping to find a reasonably priced sofa bed that is actually comfortable!  If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them.


I love this wall!  It looks really cute and fun.  Mandi always makes incredible rooms, and she outdid herself with this one!

This is exactly what I'm thinking in terms of organization!  How amazing and inspirational does this look!?  This just makes me want to get to work right now.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Design for Less : Pottery Barn

Hi everyone! I'm happy to share my latest installment in my Design for Less series. Today we're going to be talking about Pottery Barn!  I absolutely love the classic, comfortable style of Pottery Barn, but the prices- not so much.  I made it my mission to find similar pieces that I fell in love with for much, much less and I think I succeeded!

I gravitated towards this living room setup, which ended up being really similar to my last DFL from Crate and Barrel.  You can probably tell by now that this is my style, so next time I'll work on focusing on something new.

I love how rustic the pieces are- from the faded leather couch to the lightened rug- yet they all go together to form a sophisticated room.  Just like in my last post, the tables have a wood and metal theme that I absolutely love! I would love to just grab all of these pieces and put them in my living room.  Check out the actual pieces below, followed by the pieces I found for less!

Pottery Barn

Design for Less

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Home Plans : Eat-in Kitchen

Hi everyone!

The last room that I showed you all our kitchen, and now I'm going to be sharing the dining area.  We have no official dining room in this house, but there's a blank space between the living room and kitchen which is just enough space for an eat-in kitchen!

To be honest, Dan and I rarely actually eat at a table (usually on the couch..guilty), so I doubt a dining room would be used very often.  This space is just big enough for some storage and seating, so I'm excited to get creative and make the most of the space!!  Here's what I have planned:


This opening goes to the living room, and where I'm hoping to add the drink bar (which I'll talk about below)

A view from the other side!  The kitchen is on the other side of the door (which leads out to the back deck)

Not very big, but plenty of room for fun projects!  Here's what I have in mind:


- Add a corner booth.  I think the best use of the space is to add a corner booth right beside the back door.  I have so many ideas on building this myself and I think it will be a great addition to the room!  The bench can also be used as storage for things like linens and special serving ware, so I think it's going to be very useful.

- Add a drink station.  This is probably the project that I'm most excited about in the entire house!  I have so many ideas right now about what I want and what I want it to look like.  I'm still not sure if I want this to be something that I build myself, or modify something that I can buy.  I've been getting lots of inspiration though, which you'll see below!

- Add some color.  I'm keeping the room blue, but besides that there isn't much color in this room.  The floors are gray, and the cabinets are white (I also want the coffee bar and drink station to be white so it's cohesive).  That means that I want to get creative and add in some color with things like rugs, cushions, and table decorations!


This is where I originally got the idea to add a drink bar.  This one is specifically for coffee, but I also want it to be used as an actual bar!  How amazing does this look though?!

I love how modern this corner booth looks!  It's nice and simple, and I love the built-ins above the seat.  Sleek and functional!

 I really like how the counters blend into the corner seat, and I could see this working in my space!  I could have a corner seat attached the the drink bar.  Love this design!

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