Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2017 Color Trends

Hi everyone!  Now that it's the end of the year and 2017 is right around the corner, I've been seeing so many "color of the year" posts popping up.  I always love to see these and get excited and inspired by new color combinations and trends in both fashion and decor.

Today I'll be sharing some of these color trends, along with some products for the home to get you ready for 2017!

Benjamin Moore - Shadow

I this might be my favorite color in the bunch!  Anything dark and moody always excites me, and I love this super rich purple.  I think this color would work really well in a smaller room that gets a lot of natural light with tons of windows.  It would also be great as an accent wall!  If you're not ready to take the plunge with paint, it would be a great color to use with bigger pieces of furniture, art, or just a pillow!

My picks:
  • I'm obsessed with the color and shape of this Loveseat
  • A much more subtle use of purple in this beautiful piece of Art
  • Definitely a bold choice, but this Chair will make a statement!

Sherwin Williams - Poised Taupe

How relaxing and soothing is this color!?  I immediately feel more calm when I look at this picture, so I think this would be a perfect color to use in a bedroom.  This is a really interesting and unique shade, because it can look completely different depending on what other colors you use.  I love how in this image there are a lot of neutral and wood tones, which keeps the space feeling very serene.
My picks:
  • The beautiful subtle pattern on this Throw blanket will definitely give any bedroom a spa-like feeling
  • Definitely a splurge, but these Silk sheets look so luxurious 
  • Such a cool little Table lamp that you will love to show off

Dunn-Edwards - Honey Glow

Now we're getting bold!  This shade is definitely not for the faint of heart.  It's bold, bright and in your face!  With such an in-your-face color, I feel like it would be best suited for a room that requires you to be alert and awake- the office.  Either used all over the walls, or with carefully selected accessories, this color can really waken up a forgotten space.
My picks:
  • A Pillow with just a few hints of the beautiful yellow color
  • Ready to go bold?  This Chair looks chic, and super comfortable for a reading nook
  • Store all of your books and knickknacks in this cute little Cabinet

Which is your favorite color?
Do you like to go bold when painting a room?