Thursday, April 14, 2016

Design for Less : Crate and Barrel

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited today, because I'm going to be kicking off a new series on my blog called Design for Less.

Last weekend, I stopped in a Crate and Barrel store for the first time, and was completely inspired by all of the furniture that I saw and all of the vignettes that were set up (by the way- how fun would that job be?!).  I fell in love with so many pieces until I looked at the price tags- then I started to feel completely rejected.  The prices were way out of my budget!  Out of that experience came the idea to try to find these amazing pieces for a fraction of the price.

One thing that I want to note is that I'm going to try to find similar pieces for everything that I share, but sometimes the high price is due to the uniqueness of the item.  In that case, I'll find a piece that would give a similar look or feel to your space, even if it's not identical.  I also think that it's always worth splurging a bit if you really find a unique piece that would be perfect for your space, but that's a topic for another blog post!

Today we're going to be starting with this bedroom/living space that I saw in Crate and Barrel.  Please excuse the picture quality- I wasn't planning on writing this post when I was snapping away in the store.  Next time I'll make sure I get a better picture!

Amazing, right?  I loved all of the wood pieces mixed with metal to give it an industrial feel.  I also like how some pieces are all straight lines while others (like the coffee table/bench) have curved lines.  Everything looks so great together, and I could tell that each piece was extremely high quality.  While I would love to have these amazing pieces, it's a little out of my budget just starting out as a new home owner!

Here is a breakdown of my favorite pieces:

Crate and Barrel

total cost $6,163.94

Brock Tray
Yukon Bench
Yukon Coffee Table - Bench
Ainsworth Media Center
Dexter Arc Floor Lamp
Intarsia Rectangular Wall Mirror

And here is how I found the look for less (almost $5k less!)

Design for Less

total cost $1259.86

Bamboo Square Serving Tray
Entry Way Bench
Backless Wood Metal Bench
Threshold Arc Floor Lamp
Aspire Wall Mirror
Hemnes TV Storage Cabinet

What other stores would you like to see in this series?
What are some of your favorite places to get inexpensive furniture? 

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  1. Love this new series! I dig Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, but you're right -so. much. money. I'm more of an IKEA gal, myself ;)

  2. I love splurge/steal posts! And I really love that Yukon coffee table. The curved lines are amazing.

  3. Gretchen.. this is amazing and I LOVE this! When I first saw that picture I thought it was your house! Soon enough it will be right?! Or basically similar. I love furniture that's rustic and made out of wood!

  4. ooooh i want to see all the stores haha! i love all of these items, even the expensive ones.. always the way! that bamboo tray is fabulous.

  5. Ohhh I love the things you found to make it look like Crate and barrel!! I love that store, but you are right...most things are out of my budget for sure!! My favorite places to shop for inexpensive home items would be Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Marshall's. I have also found a few things at places like Big Lots, surprisingly enough. And Target. My favorite lust stores are Crate and Barrel, Z Gallerie, West Elm and Pottery Barn. Have you checked out CB2 website? They are owned by Crate and Barrel but a little less expensive. Some of the stuff is more modern but they have a few great finds.

  6. Love the high end vs budget idea! I really like that entryway table. I wish I had an entryway big enough for one!

  7. I love Crate and Barrel, but they can be pricey. Their clearance rack is my favorite!