Thursday, July 7, 2016

Home Plans : Bathroom

We finally made it to the final room in the house!  If you haven't seen the other home tours, you can find them all here, or look at the living room, kitchen (and eating area), office, and basement.  Today we're going to be talking about the bathroom!

To be honest, there's not much that I want to do with this space.  It's a really small bathroom, and everything is in good shape!  I want to make some cosmetic changes, but for the most part I'm fine with how this looks.  As usual, I'll be sharing "before" pictures, projects I want to do, and some inspo!


As you can tell, this is a tiny bathroom.  It was really hard to get pictures of everything, so just imagine a big white tub/shower on the other side of the toilet and sink.

Project number one was replacing the burnt out lightbulb!

Thankfully, there's a huge closet in the bathroom!  Even though it's a tiny space, there's plenty of room for toiletries and other bathroom supplies.  This is beside the tub.


- Paint.  I'm not really a fan of the brown color (plus we already did some work and messed up the paint on one wall, so this is a necessity!).

- Add a medicine cabinet.  Right now there's just a mirror with a shelf, so I would love to add a medicine cabinet to increase our storage.

- Accessorize.  I want to add some open shelves above the toilet, and decorate the bathroom a bit!  It's looking really brown and boring right now, so this should make it look a bit better.

- Organize the closet.  It's such a mess right now, so I need to figure out a storage system!  Hello, Container Store!


Doesn't this look like a spa?  I love how simple but effective the storage is.


Such a simple, clean design.  I think this could work!

Who else has a tiny bathroom?  Any suggestions?
Which inspiration pic do you like better...1 or 2?

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  1. #2 is my style - dark and sleek is my jam.

  2. oh i love that last picture, gorgeous. i would love for my bathroom to look like that. that closet looks huge, what a great thing to have in a bathroom. the sink is really cute as well, though with no storage underneath i can definitely see why you'd at least want a medicine cabinet. and yeah that brown colour isn't very pretty haha. i like bright light colours in the bathroom.

  3. I love the last photo. I think it would suit the space so nicely.
    Pinterest helps me a lot when I want to revamp a room. I have also been HUGE on white these days - white wardrobe, white linens, white paint. I think it makes the space so clean and neat and brightens up a room. :)

  4. I want a bathroom that looks like a spa! The second photo looks very classy but I kinda like the scandi-spa of the first photo. We currently have a yellow bathroom and it's so cheerful!